Stephanie H. Stilley - Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Supervised Visitation
The purpose of supervised visitation is to provide a protected setting for parent-child contact when such contact presents risk following parental separation, child abuse or neglect or after an extended interruption of contact.  The monitor is responsible for hearing and seeing all interactions between the parent and child.  The safety and well-being of the children is of primary importance, while allowing the parent who is being supervised the opportunity to provide appropriate parenting to their child(ren).  A positive and comfortable environment is ensured for all parties.
There are three levels of supervised visitation as outlined belowed, which are usually distinguished by the Court; recommended by the mediator/evaluator; or stipulated to by all parties.
Level I:  Non-Professional/Low Risk
Level II:  Professional/Medium Risk
Level III:  Therapeutic/High Risk
Monitored Custody Transfers available, as well as Training and Support for non-professional (family members or friends) supervisors is also scheduled by request.
Flexibility in visiting times is offered, including Saturdays and Sundays on or off site.  On-site office is designed to promote positive parent/child interaction. Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover Card accepted subject to an additional fee. 
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